Tuesday, September 18, 2012

La Cochlear Risponde all'Advanced Bionics Neptune: Waterproof anche noi...presto

Evviva la competizione...quest'estate mio figlio nuotera' e sentira' sotto acqua per la prima volta...avanti:-)

 Coming this summer!

Waterproof with no compromise on hearing performance.
You should never have to compromise on your best hearing performance for the short time that you spend in the pool or the sea.
Current waterproof options require you to do just that - compromise on optimum microphone placement, compromise by reverting to body worn options, compromise on the ability to hear your best.
But soon, you won't have to compromise any more.  This summer we will be launching the simple, no compromises solution that gives you all the benefits of waterproof and allow you to live the lifestyle you want, while still delivering the hearing performance you need, from the name you trust.
This summer get ready for a solution which allows you to wear your sound processor in the ocean, lakes, rivers, bath, sand and much more without compromising hearing performance.

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